Sportsing so hard.

Sports are back, and so am I.

I took a little hiatus from writing.  No real specific reason behind it, but deep down I think it had plenty to do with the rest of the world taking a little hiatus.  If I dig even deeper, I think the lack of sports was a huge determining factor.   Sports and all that come along with it are such a huge part of my life, so when that void left, I started finding other things to occupy my time, and writing took a hit.  I want to change that, and what better time to start then with the reemergence of my beloved sports.

If you follow the news, and all of its current events, then you know that the football season is in jeopardy, but that won’t take away the glee of what we do have.

NHL bubble, NBA bubble, and the continued shit show of the MLB.  The bubbles seem to be working phenomenally with lots of testing, and little knowledge of positive results for that son of a bitch, mother fuc…..COVID 19.  All I can hope for at the moment is for these three leagues to hang around.  Playoff Hockey and Basketball right now are just what the doctor ordered.  Not what my wallet/ bank account ordered, but it’s my own damn fault for being a degenerate.

While I am not an advocate for losing all of your money like this loser I know, I am here to tell you, that a big part of my writing will come in the form of Sports Betting, and what plays I am feeling.  See right now I’m just too giddy about sports being back that I bet anything and everything.  I’ve missed it for so long, but what  I need to do, is bunker down, do my research and bet with my big head.  That’s what the platform will help me do.


So sit back, and enjoy the words I throw your way.  Might be smart to fade me for a little while, but hop aboard when I right the ship, and lets stack…that….cash!!!

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